Tin Signs Can Augment That Special Flea Market Find

By Sharon Luebrecht

I love Flea Markets and garage sales. There is an excitement about going out to look for something without the slightest idea as to whether or not you will find it. I look forward towards the week-ends in the spring and summer because I never know if I might stumble across that certain item that will catch my attention. Sometimes I might put an item in a box I keep in the garage, but usually they end up as exhibits in my own garage sale.

Recently I was on the internet when I stumbled across a site selling replicas of nostalgic tin signs. The vast array and quantity of the signs was astounding. There seemed to be a tin sign for almost any category I could think of. As a lark, I went into the garage and pulled out my flea market ‘find’ box and brought it into my office. Reaching in I pulled out an object at random, it happened to be a plastic lamp in the shape of ‘Betty Boop’ a popular cartoon character of the 1950’s. Searching through the images I found several tin signs that had Betty as the subject. After a half-hour I was able to match over half of my flea market finds to a corresponding tin sign counterpart.

Giving gifts at Christmas and birthdays has always been a problem for me. It was hard to find just the right item for the right person. I was reduced to buying the ubiquitous ‘gift card’ from a department store. Finding that unique gift is now no longer a problem.

For my teenage nephew (who is a big comic book hero fan) I found an action figure of a character called ‘Captain America’ at a garage sale for 25 cents. After cleaning it up, I mounted it in front of a tin sign of the character and it now hangs on his wall as one of his favorite possessions.

That Betty Boop lamp now sits on a table shining up on her tin sign, which is hanging on the wall of my sister’s home.

I found an old Michigan State College sweater that I hung beneath a tin sign of Michigan State in my husband’s den (his alma mater).

I even stumbled upon a set of old tools in a tool box which I sent to my brother-in-law along with a ‘busted knuckle garage’ sign. He loved it!

I was able to create a ‘trophy room’ out of various trophies I found at garage sales and flea markets. These were the trophies that a horde of anonymous children had achieved over the years. I thought it was only fair that their forgotten exploits deserved some form of recognition other than to have their hard earned trophies discarded in a garage sale. So I took these forgotten monuments and, along with the appropriate tin sign, created my own ‘hall of fame’ for these athletes.

Tin signs have added a new dimension to my Flea Market excursions. Now, with just a little imagination; other people’s junk is truly my treasure!

Flea markets can be extremely fun and addicting to some. But for the majority who are looking for unique tin signs, lucky for you Station Bay offers hundreds of unique reproductions of the same old classics.

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